A Personal Guide To Working With Team Shirl Funk Mortgages

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Have you tried to compare your mortgage options but found it difficult to decide which is the best fit? Hiring a mortgage broker will help you to resolve this confusion. These experts can help you find the best mortgage products for your circumstances, and simultaneously, they will inform you about your options, the mortgage process, and even ways to save money.

However, mortgage brokers, like any service, vary in their quality. So, if you are looking for an expert to meet your expectations and guarantee your comfort and success, you need to know what to look for in them.

As a renowned mortgage broker, Shirl Funk Mortgages- Powered by Mortgage Centre knows what it takes to be an excellent mortgage broker. I have been in the mortgage industry for many years now and have offered my clients services of the highest standard. To show you what you can expect of me as your mortgage broker, I have listed below a few of the benefits of working with me.

My services include:

1. Purchase mortgages
My team will walk you through the entire step-by-step guide when you are purchasing your new home.

2. Refinance mortgage
I will work with you to refinance your current mortgage to either help you gain access to your equity where the funds are used to improve your home or pay off some debts or go on a vacation.

3. Bruised credit
I work with Alternative and Private lenders to get you a mortgage to help you pay off any debts that you cannot seem to pay off but need to, or you are having struggles with your mortgage and need to get a new mortgage. I can help by placing you with one of these lenders to get a new mortgage and repair your credit at the same time.

4. Vacation Property Purchase
In the mortgage world, I call this purchase of a second home and depending on your credit history; I can get you a mortgage with as little as a 5% down payment.

5. Rental Property Purchase
I have lenders with rental property products where the down payment requirements are between 20-25%.

6. Documents Required
Whether you are self-employed or a salaried or hourly employee, all lenders require things such as a letter of employment, paystubs, past two years’ T4s, and notice of assessments. For the self-employed, the lenders ask for full T1 General Tax returns. One thing you should know is that these days up and above the employment letter and paystubs, the lenders also ask for ninety days’ bank statements to prove the payroll income deposits. On top of that, the lenders also call your employer to verify the income. When you, as the client, are in the middle of this all, it feels like a lot, but with all the fraudulent activity in the world, it makes sense why they need to do all their checks.

7. Lawyers
All lenders have an approved appraiser list. Before you choose a lawyer, be sure that they are knowledgeable in real estate law.

8. Appraisals
All lenders have an approved appraiser list and most times will not sway from that list. This is why I do not order appraisals before I have the mortgage approval, as I do not want our clients to have to pay twice for an appraisal.

Another note to remember is that appraisal expires after three months, and I am not legally allowed to give copies to our client.

For more details about my mortgage services, reach out to Shirl Funk Mortgages - Powered by Mortgage Centre, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have over twelve years of experience working in the mortgage industry, and I can help you through unbiased mortgage advice and a wide range of tailored mortgage products from leading mortgage lenders. My top-of-the-line mortgage services include home loans, debt consolidation, second mortgages, private mortgages, commercial mortgages, new construction financing, home improvement loans, and lines of credit.

My services are available across Steinbach, Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Beausejour, Niverville, Winkler, Powerview-Pine Falls, Saint-Malo, and Morris. My team can also reach out to Carman, Altona, Arborg, Stonewall, Selkirk, Oakbank, Ste. Anne, La Broquerie, Grunthal, and Gimli. 

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