The Shirl Funk Mortgages Handbook

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So you’ve decided to purchase a spacious new home to create beautiful memories with your family. However, if you don’t know how to navigate through the mortgage process, it’s essential to find a professional that can guide you and provide peace of mind.

Consequently, at Shirl Funk Mortgages - Powered by Mortgage Centre, I aim to cover every vital detail and offer the best mortgage products by utilizing my vast network of lenders. I specialize in bank mortgages, bruised credit mortgages, and private mortgages. Please keep reading to learn a little more about my mortgage services.

My Services

1. Purchase mortgages
I work with banks, credit unions, monoline lenders, and alternative lenders to get you the money you need for your house purchase approval.

2. Purchase plus improvements mortgages
When buying a house with this mortgage, you’re allowed to use up to ten percent of the purchase price for home improvements which is added to the total mortgage. I can help you acquire this kind of mortgage to take care of renovations and repairs so you can move into a furnished house.

3. Refinance mortgages
If you’re looking to pull some equity from your home, I can offer you incredible refinance mortgage options. It can help to pay off debts or go towards paying for a well-deserved vacation.

4. Switch or transfer mortgages
If you are seeking a reduced rate but are locked in a term, I could switch or transfer your mortgage to another lender for a lower rate.

5. Alternative mortgages
If you have a bruised credit, I have B lenders who can approve your mortgage at a slightly higher rate. Once you manage to repair your credit, I can help you switch to a lower-rate mortgage.

Essential things you should know

1. Documentation 
To move forward with a mortgage, all lenders require a list of documents, including a letter of employment, pay stubs, T4s, Notice of assessments, and proof of down payment. Make sure you have these ready when you reach out to a lender.

2. Improvement quotes
When applying for improvements at the time of purchase, we would need a quote for the work you want done. You can acquire these quotes from contractors and provide the best one to the lender you choose.

3. New to Canada 
If you have recently arrived in the country and are interested in purchasing a property, you must provide a PR status, work permit, or student visa. 

For more details about my mortgage services, reach out to Shirl Funk Mortgages- Powered by Mortgage Centre, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have over twelve years of experience working in the mortgage industry and set up my brokerage in 2017. Previously I worked with Franklin Templeton Investments gaining vital expertise in various financial services. Today, my services include home loans, debt consolidation, second mortgages, private mortgages, commercial mortgages, new construction financing, and home improvement loans. I also offer lines of credit to clients.

My services are available across Steinbach, Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Beausejour, Niverville, Winkler, Powerview-Pine Falls, Saint-Malo, and Morris. We also reach out to Carman, Altona, Arborg, Stonewall, Selkirk, Oakbank, Ste. Anne, La Broquerie, Grunthal, and Gimli. 

To learn more about the mortgage services I offer, please click here, or get in touch with me by clicking here.